Challenged for time

Lately, I've been struggling to find time for all the things I love to do. This includes adding to our blog posts. The lead up to and execution of of our first craft fair last November, along with a new job and heading back to school has been a challenge for my time management. The exhaustion that I experienced in December and January was overwhelming (thank goodness, Lori was able to rebound a bit quicker than I was - it's good to have a friend that doesn't judge me as harshly as I judge myself!) Anyways, I'm mid-way through two new classes and have two more to finish between April and August and then I'm done.

What I decided to start exploring is watercolour painting. I dabbled a little bit over the break in December and purchased a very inexpensive set of paints. This is my first project and I'm sharing it because I actually liked what I created.

How many of you have tried watercolours? What were your challenges when you first started? I would love any advice you care to share.

Until next time....

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