Making a card – borders

Wow – apparently I took more time off during Christmas than what I thought. It was a busy season with lots of evenings with family and friends. But it is back to the world of crafting again.

The second part of the Making a card series is about borders. Adding borders is a great part of the card as it can tie in different papers that you use. You can use one border or multiple; it all depends upon your creativity.

With borders you can use either plain cardstock or designer paper. I like to use plain cardstock from small borders and then designer paper when I want a larger border.

The size of your border will vary depending upon the size of your card. For plain cardstock I like to make the border 1/8 inch larger than the main piece of my card. If I am using more than one border of plain cardstock I will continue to go up by 1/8 inch.

With designer paper my border size is determined upon the paper pattern and the size of the card. When the paper has small patterns, the size of the border is up to you. I have made borders with small print from as small as 1/4 inch to a few inches. With larger sized patters, I like to use a bigger border size so that you can see the pattern.

Shaker card

Here is a shaker card that Susan made where she used both a small border (the silver glitter) and then a larger border where the shaker sits.

Take a look in our gallery and you can see other examples of cards and the border sizes that we used.