Struggling for inspiration

A blank page. White. Nothing to be found.

There are times when I struggle to find inspiration to create.

Have you ever been there?

In the past I’ve spent hours and hours waiting. Waiting for a visit from my muse or something to strike that creative spark. Thinking if only I had the right tool or paper or fabric or ? the inspiration and ideas will come. Sometimes the key for me is to stop waiting and simply start.

To get myself over the lack of inspiration hurdle last Sunday, I picked a piece of card stock to start. It happened to be a piece red card stock which was close at hand. Even before I had a final project in mind I thought I’d stamp with Versamark and clear emboss a few patterns on the card. I rummaged for a few Christmas-y type stamps and started stamping then heat setting one section at a time. After I completed that I needed to design something with the card stock to hold the contents of the “Mistletoes” stocking-stuffers I’m making for the Winter Craft Fair. Design I did.

Once I made that first box the ideas started to flow. I ended up creating twenty different styled boxes and an emery board holder. Wow! After not knowing where I was headed when I started I was pleased with my results. I must always remind myself to simply start. Play. Muck about. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Sometimes I end up tossing the first version of a project but it leads me to something I like better. Crafting isn’t about perfection, I find it’s more about happy accidents!

If you’re interested in the instructions for making these handy little boxes, let me know and I’ll post them.

Have a safe and enjoyable labour day long weekend! Until next time…