How to make a box with a top

I have vivid memories of my Grandpa doing crafts with us kids when we were camping.  I remember finding rocks in a river, painting a plaque and gluing the rock with our names in alphabet pasta.  These were such enjoyable times. So now, there is nothing better than have a nice relaxing vacation at the trailer at the lake and having the opportunity to get some crafting done.  Both of these are stress reducers for me so by the time I was finished this box, I was calm, peaceful and ready for a nap.

There are lots of tutorials on the internet and YouTube about making a specific size box but the ones that I wanted were a different size.  Here are some simple instructions on how to build a box to your specific size.

You need to figure out the length, width and depth of the item that you want to put in the box.  I normally add about 1/4 inch to give it a bit of play room but you can make it any size larger.

I always figure out the sizing on a piece of scrap paper that I can refer to afterwards.  You do not need to be accurate with your measurements while drawing.  The item that I wanted to put in the box was 4 inches long, 2 inches wide and about 3/4 inch in height and then added a 1/4 inch to each side.  I drew a rectangle to show the size I wanted.


Knowing that I wanted to add 1 inch for the depth, I extended the top, bottom and both sides by one inch on each side.  I always write down the measurements as it helps me figure out what I am doing – the older I get the more help I need.  

You obtain the size of paper you need add:

Depth + Width + Depth = Width of paper needed

Depth + Length + Depth = Length of paper needed

For my box, these were the measurements.

Width:  1 + 2.25 + 1 = 4.25 inches

Length:  1 + 4.25 + 1 = 6.25 inches

I like to make my bottom of the box slightly smaller than the top.  I cut both pieces of paper 4.25 by 6.25.  On one of the pieces of paper, I took off 1/8 inch on the top and right side.  I still scored them in the same manner – scoring 1 inch on one side, rotating the paper 90 degrees and then scoring at 1 inch again, I continued in this manner until all four sides were scored on both pieces of paper,  By cutting off the 1/8 inch on the two sides of one piece of paper makes it  just  a teensy bit smaller. I find that the lid fits the box better. 

Fold and burnish each side.  On the short side, cut on the 1 inch fold to the fold line that crosses it.  To make a neater corner, cut a small wedge (in the picture below you can see that the square is not equal – while the top of the square is 1 inch, the bottom is closer to 7/8 inch).  Make these cuts on each corner on both papers.

Turn the box over and glue or tape the corner squares.  Fold the corner to the inside so that you can match up the sides of the rectangles.  Stick the square to the inside of the box.


Make both boxes in the same manner.  You can now put the top of the box onto the bottom.

As I said, I was at the lake while doing this project and found that I forgot some of my papers and tools.  I ran to the local Dollarama and bought some stickers and 6X6 coloured paper.  I cut a piece of the coloured card stock to 2 in by 4 in and stuck one of the stickers on top of the paper.


I glued and centred the purple paper on the top of the box.


The only thing that I would have changed on my box was cut a thumbsize 1/2 circle centred on each of the long sides of the box.  That would allow for easier opening.  But when it came down to running to the nearest Scrapbook store that was over an hour away or laying on an air mattress on the lake, the lake won out.



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