My Favourite Adhesives

Papercrafts and adhesives. They go together just like peanut butter and jelly. In all honesty this is the most frequently replaced group of products in my craft stash. Because I go through so much adhesive I’m always on the lookout for good deals and everyday value. These are my favourites…


Tombow Aqua Mono Liquid Glue is a strong liquid glue that goes on clear and dries clear. It is non-toxic and acid-free which means for scrapbookers that it will keep your photographs safe. What I love most about it is the two tips; one fine and one broad for larger surfaces. Using liquid glue with paper can be a bit tricky – you want to use enough for a good bond but not too much to saturate and ripple the paper. A benefit for any liquid adhesive is it allows for a little “wiggle” room when aligning project pieces as it only bonds permanently once dry.

Can be found at: Michaels,, Walmart

Glue Runner

Ad Tech Dot Runner was the first of these two products that I found at my local Walmart. The Dot Runner while advertised as a permanent adhesive didn’t hold my projects together as well as I expected.  The Ad Tech Crafter’s Tape (and large refill pack) was exactly what I needed. Strong bond and the 8-pack is priced around $16 at Walmart. Get the blue box, not the purple. Trust me on this!


Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape is a must if you enjoy making small photo albums or bound books. The best I’ve found for both quality and price is the Daiso brand. Side note: if you live in Metro Vancouver, Daiso is the “Japanese” dollar store at the Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, BC.

Daiso offers a variety of widths in refill or dispenser options (I don’t use the dispensers at all). Due to the popularity of this product they are often low on stock but at $2 each for approximately 23 metres it is an excellent product for excellent value.


Double sided Foam (for dimension)

Crafts brand double-sided foam found at Dollarama is perfect for adding a lift or pop to a card or box topper. I wouldn’t use it with photos or in scrapbooking or with any project that requires archival quality. Almost 10 ft of double-sided foam for $1.25 – can’t beat that.

If you have any of your own favourites that you’d like to share, please do!

Until next time….Susan