Canon Pixma G3200 Printer Review

What’s with the price of inkjet printer ink? 1000 times the price of milk! Are you kidding me?

As a crafter and someone who prints photos and digital craft papers I needed to find a more economical solution than inkjet replacement cartridges.

After hearing an ad on the radio for a “megatank” printer, I researched and found that most major printer manufacturers offer some sort of high capacity tank-type printer.

I purchased the Canon Pixma G3200 for $289.00 on in April. There are several models in this series of printer. I wanted scan functionality and a printer that was wifi enabled. You might seriously consider the G4200 model (approximately $100 more) if you want the added benefit of the auto document feeder and/or faxing capabilities. 


The printer was easy to set up. It took approximately 15 minutes to manually load the ink into the reservoirs and run the setup function (to draw the ink into the dispensing unit). No fuss. No mess. The print quality is excellent. The colour is more vibrant when printing on glossy photo paper vs. matte cardstock or presentation paper where the hues end up more subdued.

Pros - this printer has great print quality and is extremely economical for ink usage and cost.

Cons - the footprint is large but I suspect that is partially due to the scanning bed.